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Zherra is an American heavy metal band from Phoenix Arizona that formed in 2017. Their current lineup consists of Screecher on lead guitar and vocals; Kohl Brown on rhythm guitar; Carter Rhoades on bass guitar; and Jackson Beltramini on drums.


Since the band started, they have relentlessly fine-tuned their sound, putting it to the test in various clubs and theaters. Sharing those stages with many well-known artists, such as  Nita Strauss, Soulfly, and The Iron Maidens to name a few. They have slowly built up a fan-following and reputation in the metal community through countless hours of practice, fan interaction, and live performances. Zherra is often considered an anomaly amongst other bands due to their technical, melody-driven music, as well at their memorable stage presence.


With the relationships the band has created with fans and promoters alike, they continue to be considered a top choice in the Phoenix metal scene. It is the band’s drive and determination that motivates them to continue to push music’s boundaries further and further. Although this young band has already received many accolades from fans and fellow musicians alike, their musical journey is far from over. The best is yet to come!

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